Book of Belief- Tooth Illustrator WANTED


The team needs a couple of artists to take on Tooth Illustrations for the book! Our personal deadline for the completion of all the book’s illustrations is Oct 30th and that leaves the team 10 days to wrap it up!

In charge of illustrating book spread(s) and miscellaneous illustrations to go inside the book.

The following is a sample of what a book spread looks like:



Please note that this is a non-profit fanmade project. All the work done on this book will not be paid. Unless you count a sequel as payment!

If you’re interested, please proceed to the application page!
I will NOT answer to tumblr messages regarding applications.

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askladypitchiner: I thought I would ask if there are any news about how it's going with the book? I understand that there are a lot of things going on for the people working on it IRL, and I'm not trying to put pressure on anyone, but it would be nice to hear about any possible progress.

Of course! I really apologize for the long silence! Since progress is slow and  we rather we show you the final product once its done, there’s really not much to say?
We’re on the last 10 illustrations and our artists are working very hard! The graphic designers have already compiled most of- if not all- the illustrations that have been finished. As soon as we’re done with that, we’ll be running a copy for a test print.
Then it’ll be the distribution of the book to DWA and Moonbot and then if everything goes according to plan, we may be able to give you a copy. We’ll do our best so everyone gets to see it!

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rogjmk1: Just wondering if sometime in the far future, Are you going to be making another book? I'm only asking because their are alot of talented people who missed the deadline or just new to the fandom.

Sorry! Unfortunately it was not in the original plan to make a second book.

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sweethazelnutt: Are you guys still in need of illustrators?

Yes we are!

Please go over here to read more about it.

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I’m sad that I got into this fandom a couple of years too late but best of luck with the book! x

We’re sorry you missed the deadline, this is beautiful! At least we get to share your wonderful artwork!

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uhvatarkorra: Hi, will you guys be posting a picture of what the book looks like?


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Regarding Sales and Submissions

Hi guys!

Due to the large amount of asks we’ve received about sales of the book, we’re making a quick announcement to say no, we will not be selling the Book of Belief.

The book is being created with the sole purpose to be sent to DreamWorks Animation to show our continued support to their company, and to display our love of Rise Of The Guardians film.

The book has been created by a team of very talented, highly professional individuals free of charge. They applied knowing that the positions were unpaid, and as any profit made off the book would be illegal due to copyright reasons not only with DreamWorks but with all the artwork within submitted, they are not seeking any profit.

As such, the book will NOT be going on sale to the general public. Not only because of the legal reasons, but because of the amount of work it would require of, I repeat, unpaid professionals.

As for people asking about whether or not their submission will be in the book; Every submission made before the deadline will be within the book. We will not be posting a list, as there is honestly no need and its extra work that yet again, unpaid professionals, do not have the time for.

Thank you.


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nightpounce: Hey Mate, Super sorry to see I missed the deadline on submitting for the book - that's what I get for being slow and clueless! It's still ok though to submit letters to the blog? Also, are you still considering making the book available to buy? I'd love a chance to buy a copy and support :)

Please go right ahead and submit to the blog! We still accept submissions 8D

As for your question regarding the purchase of the book, I’m afraid that will yet not been taken into further consideration but until were done with the project.

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We’re looking for extra illustrators to join the team!

ILLUSTRATORS for following characters needed:

Duties: In charge of the content illustrations like these to go inside the book.

I’m not picky, but I’d like to find people with relevant experience in the field- like being in an art school- who can take direction, work with a team and put forth their best effort to make this project a success. You don’t have to be in art school. If you know you have the skills then come join us!

Please note that this is a non-profit fanmade project. All the work done on this book will not be paid.

If you’re interested, please proceed to the application page! HERE
I will NOT answer to applications done via tumblr message.

Part of the submission I sent for the BoB last year - I just realized I had never submitted it to the blog! :o

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hexgurl1999: Will you be selling copies of the book of belief.

We would like to. We’d need to organize where the money would be going to? Charities come to mind, but I also know some of the artists could be using some of the money; however, making money out of a project we meant to make for the fandom seem a bit… wrong?

For now we’re aiming the 6 copies towards the producers, directors and William Joyce. The team will be getting their own copy but we’d have to buy our own since the donation money goes towards the making and distributing of the 6 books.

I hope that clears things up.

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Dear everyone,

It’s been a couple of months and the team is hard at work finishing illustrations and ensuing this book looks its best!

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to give you any sort of update, and we thought it’d be nice for you to get a sneak peek on what the inside of the book would look like!

This splash page was done by the talented Nina Nowacki- fanartdrawer - for the Pitch section! This is where your beautiful fanart and letters will be showcased. Pretty awesome right?
Later this week I will be showing you a different splash featuring another guardian and its artist. Please look forward to it!

Until then!

BoB Team

Kimberlynn Gascon
British Columbia, Canada
Age 17
(Also known as the-fabulous-curkim )

Rise of the Guardians introduced my younger brother to the Easter Bunny and the Sand Man. When Easter first rolled around after it’s release he was so excited. First thing he did that morning? Rushed to me in the living room, declaring ‘Bunny came! Bunny came!!!!!’ Since it’s release, he has been so much more enthusiastic about the holidays. When the snow came this winter, he tried to find Jack Frost. For now, he’s a bit too little to submit anything to the blog, being only five, so he picked this out from my files. I hope that ROTG gets the recognition it deserves, and continues inspiring belief in children like my brother for years to come.

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Depressing comics and I’m having fun with Pitch and co. (The Apiarist.)

I owe rotg a lot, especialy those new experiences I gained through it…

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jakenickleby: I only now just found out about this, and I'm kind of bummed about it. I would have loved to have contributed in some way. This is amazing. Thank you so much for your dedication to this fandom.

You can still contribute! If you’d like to submit a letter or fanart to the blog, expressing your love for Dreamworks, and the RoTG movie, you may still do so!

It may not be included in the book since the deadline has long since past, but we’re still open here!

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